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We Provide Mobile Unit Services 9:00am to 1:00pm 
 Monday to Saturday

Disclaimer:  IMG Mobile units Saturday schedule is subject to change when booked for special events

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At IMG we know that your time is limited with very little time to manage your healthcare needs, office visits, follow-up care and to pick prescriptions from the local pharmacy.  At IMG Health Clinics, we provide clinic services at multiple Florida locations, online services ranging from tele-health, online RX services to home testing kits.  

The services we provide will make it easier for anyone, regardless of your circumstances to receive free to affordable quality health care, treatment services, and prescriptions,
Our goal is to keep our community safe and healthy!
At IMG Clinics our community is our 1st priority!

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Miami   Pompano Beach   Orlando   Bonita Springs.  Palm Bay.  Jupiter.  Plantation.  Tampa.  Fort Lauderdale

Monday             9:00AM-4PM  
Tuesday             9:00AM-4PM
Wednesday       9:00 AM-4PM
Thursday            9:00AM-4PM
Friday                  9:00AM-4PM
Saturday                       Closed
Sunday                          Closed