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Most Asked

Why should I take PrEP? Is PrEP safe?

How frequently do I need to get tested?

Will my information be confidential?

I do not have insurance, do I have to pay for testing?

Where are your clinics located? Are there any close to my house?

How can I become an IMG patient?

How do I get my prescription?

Can I walk into an IMG clinic or mobile clinic without an appointment?

Does IMG manage HIV?

Can pregnant women receive testing and care?


Why should you use condoms to prevent transmission when HIV is treatable?

Is the HIV test accurate?

Can two HIV-positive parents have an HIV-negative child?

Can you get HIV through oral sex?

What are the risks of getting HIV if you put on a condom after you've already started having sex?


What is Hepatitis C?

Is there a cure for Hepatitis C?

Can I be infected with Hepatitis C more than once?

Can I take Hep C medications along with my HIV medications?

What are the possible side effects of a combined treatment for HIV/HCV coinfection?

STDs and STIs

How do you get tested for an STD?

Should a woman douche after a condom breaks to prevent a STD?

What is an STD or an STI?

How is an STD treated?

What antibiotics treat sexually transmitted diseases?

PrEP and nPEP

What is PrEP?

What is nPEP?

How is nPEP different from PrEP?

Will PrEP still protect me from HIV even if I don't take it every day?

What happens after I finish my nPEP regimen?

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