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What Are The Rules In Dating Someone With An STI?

Dating people who have STIs is pretty standard nowadays. But are there any special rules in dating someone with an STI?

The two most essential rules in dating someone with an STI are 1) to be honest about your health condition with your potential partner and 2) to tell them about your positive STD status before things get hot and heavy. These two rules are essential when dating people with a positive STD status because they are essential for healthy sex. Moreover, being honest and open with your partner makes for a strong and sturdy foundation, especially if things are getting intimate.

While these two rules form the absolute basis of dating people with an STI, there are other minor rules. All these rules combined allow people with STDs to have happy, nurturing, safe, and healthy relationships with people they care about.


While there are numerous rules when it comes to dating someone with an STI, here are the two most basic and arguably the most important rules you should know:

  1. Be honest about your STD status
  2. Ideally, do it before you get down to business

Rule number one is pretty basic and self-explanatory. If you have an STI, your partner should know about it. 

The premise behind this rule is simple: Every adult has the right to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life. The right to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life comes hand-in-hand with the ability to make informed choices about your sex life. 

Therefore, you need to be honest about your STD status with your partner so they can make an informed choice about their sex life.

The second rule is even more important. 

While you must inform your partner about your positive STD status, it is even more critical to do it correctly.

STDs are sexually transmitted diseases, and it's safe to say that sex plays a vital role in their transmission. If you want your partner to make an informed choice about their sex life, you need to help them make it just the right time.

This means that if you are going to tell your partner about your positive STD status, it needs to happen before you decide to get intimate with them. Talk to your partner about your condition before you have sexual intercourse, and let them choose whether they want to go through with it.

Another super important factor is the circumstances in which you decide to be honest about your condition. 

Technically, you are clear if you tell your partner that you have an STD at any time before you have sex for the first time. However, it will not be constructive if you decide to burst out with that information right when you and your partner are getting ready to get down to business. A last-minute revelation will add to the pressure your partner is experiencing at that moment and will ruin the essence of the gesture.

Therefore, try talking with your partner about your STD in the initial stages of the relationship. This way, you can ensure that your partner has had enough time to think about the situation and make an informed decision.

While it’s all fun and good to talk about being honest with your partner, the reality is that being honest about something so big and foundational can be really tough. So how do you tell your partner that you have an STD?


As mentioned before, timing and circumstances are both critical when telling your partner that you have an STI. But how do you actually go through with the process? Well, here's an outline for you.

Try setting a comfortable tone – the key to having a difficult conversation with your partner is to make it less complicated and awkward. Try easing into the conversation and not just blurt it out and throw it in your partner's face.

Schedule ahead of time – It is also vital that you have this conversation in your free time. Difficult conversations are even more difficult when carried out in a hurry. Try scheduling a date, time, and venue for this conversation with your partner.

Keep reasonable expectations – Understand that this information might be too much for your partner at any given time. Therefore, try to limit your imagination to only the most reasonable expectations from your partner. Do not expect your partner to be all happy and giggly about the situation, either. Instead, accept the grimace on your partner's face and try to help them navigate the situation better.

Understand and move on – If your partner decides to end your relationship after knowing that you have an STD, understand that it is fair and not unreasonable. Everyone has the right to choose what's best for them, and if your partner chooses for themselves, there's nothing wrong with that.


Dating people with STDs is pretty standard. However, there are two fundamental rules people with STDs should follow when trying to be in a relationship. Being honest about your condition at just the right time is super important for the relationship to work (or not) efficiently. 


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