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STD Testing: Where To Get Tested, When To Get Tested, And The Costs Associated.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are a significant health concern globally. Early detection through testing is paramount, not only for the individual's health but also to prevent the spread to others. Understanding where, when, and how much it will cost to get tested can empower individuals to take proactive steps in maintaining their sexual health.

Where to Get Tested:

  • Primary Care Physician or Family Doctor: Often the most direct route, many people feel most comfortable discussing concerns with a doctor they already know.
  • Public Health Clinics: Many cities offer public health clinics, specifically designed to cater to sexual health. They provide testing for various STDs and often at a reduced cost or even free.
  • Planned Parenthood: Known for its advocacy in reproductive health, Planned Parenthood centers offer STD testing and counseling.
  • STD-specific Clinics: There are clinics that specialize solely in STD testing and treatment. These are ideal for those seeking specialist advice.
  • Urgent Care Centers: While not the primary focus, many urgent care centers offer STD testing, especially in more urban areas.
  • Online Testing Services: With advancements in telemedicine, various online platforms now allow you to order STD tests. They'll send a kit to your home, where you'll collect a sample and mail it back. Results are then sent online. It's a discreet method, albeit often without direct physician counseling.
  • Local Pharmacies: Some large chain pharmacies offer in-store clinics where basic STD testing services are provided. If you are in Florida, look for an IMG Health Clinic near you. [NOTE: Starting December 1st 2023 IMG Health Clinic will be under a new name, HealthyMD]

When to Get Tested:

  • After Unprotected Intercourse: If you've had sex without a condom or if the condom broke, consider getting tested, even if it was with a trusted partner.
  • When Entering a New Sexual Relationship: Before becoming intimate with a new partner, both parties should consider getting tested for STDs.
  • If Experiencing Symptoms: Any unusual symptoms like sores, discharge, itching, pain during intercourse, or burning during urination can be indicative of an STD.
  • On Regular Intervals: If you're sexually active with multiple partners, consider getting tested every 3-6 months, even if you use protection.
  • After Being Informed by a Partner: If a recent partner tells you they've been diagnosed with an STD, get tested, irrespective of whether you used protection during intercourse.
  • Pregnancy: Expecting mothers should get tested for STDs, as some can be transmitted to the baby during childbirth.

The Costs Associated:

The cost of STD testing can vary widely based on several factors:

  • Location: Where you're getting tested plays a role. Private clinics tend to be more expensive than public health clinics.
  • Type of Test: Some tests are more costly than others. Comprehensive panels testing for multiple STDs will be pricier than a test for a single disease.
  • Insurance: If you have health insurance, it might cover the cost of STD testing. Always check with your provider. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans are required to cover many preventive services, including some STD tests, without charging a copayment.
  • Income-based Clinics: Some public health clinics adjust the testing fee based on your income.
  • Online Services: While they offer convenience, online services might be more expensive than in-person tests, especially after accounting for shipping costs.
  • Free Clinics: In many areas, especially urban centers, free clinics offer STD testing at no charge, funded by government programs or charitable donations.


STD testing is a crucial aspect of sexual health. Regular screenings and early detection can prevent complications and the spread of infections. Understanding where to get tested, when to do so, and the potential costs can demystify the process, making it more approachable. Remember, the goal is to ensure the well-being of not just yourself, but also your partners. An ounce of prevention, in the form of timely testing, can indeed be worth a pound of cure. If you are in Florida, visit an IMG Health Clinic near you to get tested for free. [NOTE: Starting December 1st 2023 IMG Health Clinic will be under a new name, HealthyMD]


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