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How To Stay Safe On A First Date

As fun as it can be, dating can also become a nightmare if you are not careful. First dates especially have immense potential of blowing up in your face if not done right. Part of a successful dating experience is to feel safe and sound when you are out with a new person.

Taking necessary steps to protect yourself while you are out can have many positive effects, besides literally protecting you from dangerous situations. Here are some steps that you can take to keep yourself safe if you are going out on your first date with someone new.


These safety precautions are divided under three distinct headings, the three main phases of a successful date. Make sure that you take all the safety precautions before leaving for a date, while on the date, and afterward.


Collect necessary information about your date 

When going out with someone new, it is always good to scout their social media for some quick information. You may have been talking to this person for weeks before the actual date, but you might still not know some key details about them. 

When looking up your date online, make sure to keep an eye out for any red flags that might appear. These may include any disparities on their social media profiles or other similar stuff. 

Choose a safe place

You must choose a place that you are familiar with. If you go somewhere far and unknown on your first date, you will spend the entirety of your day out being paranoid. Choosing a place you frequently visit is a good idea because people might recognize you there. You want familiar people around you on your first date so that you can stay safe from any unwanted assaults.

You should also select a time to be extra safe during the day.

Get your own conveyance

There is nothing worse than not having a getaway car when your date turns out to be a creepy douchebag. Always make sure to bring your car to the date so that you can leave on first notice of any red flags. Bringing your care also means that you can leave and come back at a reasonable time rather than staying late until your date drops you back home. You also prevent the other person from finding out where you live by bringing your car.

Inform someone trustworthily

It is best to let someone in on your plans before you head for your first date with someone new. This can be any of your trusted friends or even family members. Let them know where you are headed and when you will be back. Also, provide them with information regarding your date, such as their full name, phone number, and address.

Speak to your date on the phone

Make sure to talk to your date on the phone at least once before you agree to go out on a date with them. Talking to someone on texts and talking to someone on call are two different things. You can learn a lot about a person’s personality and intentions once you talk to them on the phone. 

Talking to your date on the phone before heading out for your date may also help calm your nerves before the big day. Staying in control and having a hold on your nerves is key to staying safe while on your first date.

Set up a safety app and location

Before leaving for your first date, make sure to download and set up a safety app that keeps everyone who cares about you in the loop. There are plenty of apps on google play and iPhone's app store that serves the purpose. These apps provide users of your choosing with your live location and constantly let them know where you are headed. They also provide emergency contact services if anything goes wrong on your date. 

Establish clear directives

One of the best things that you can do to keep yourself safe on your first date with someone new is to establish clear expectations. Decide on a fixed arrival time and let your date know that they have to be at the destined location on time. Also, select a clear time at which you would like to leave. Don't let your date expect that they have you for the rest of the day.

It is also important to establish ground rules before heading for a date. Be vocal about your feelings and let your date know how you feel about physical touch and other similar things.

Carry protection

Always carry at least a pepper spray bottle or any other safety tool that might come in handy in emergency cases. You can also keep a Taser gun in your handbag. You might not always have to use the protection you are carrying, but it is nice to have it if the need arises.


Stay vigilant and active while on your date

You want to make sure that you bring with you your loudest presence on your first date. Why? Because seeming lame and careless on your first date might make you seem like an easy target. Stay active and vigilant about your surroundings. Always look around for any potential danger signs. You should also keep your eyes open to your date's body language. 

One of the best things that you can do to protect yourself is never to leave your food or drinks unattended. Leaving your food unattended might give your date a chance to meddle with it if they have any wrong intentions.

Do not drink as much

When out on your first date with someone new, make sure to not indulge in drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol can numb your inhibitions and lead to bad choices. It can also make you lower your guard and unintentionally invite assault.

Ask questions 

Engage your date in talking by asking questions. You can learn enough about a person no matter how long you have talked to them. Asking your date direct questions can also help you figure out what type of person they are.

Have friends call you to check up on you

When on a date with someone new, you want to make sure that you do everything that does not make you seem like an easy target. If you come across as lonely and have no one to rely on, you might come across as an easy target and unintentionally invite unwarranted assault.

Ask your friends to keep checking on you through texts throughout your first date. Let your date know that you are talking to your friends and letting them know that you are okay so that you don’t seem alone. You can also have your friends call you periodically to check up on you.


Contemplate further steps

Now that the date is over, you want to carefully contemplate your next move. Analyze and evaluate whether you liked the first date or not. If you like the first date, and you see potential dates in the future with the same person, make sure that you run this idea with a friend. Your friends can provide you with impartial advice that might prove very useful. 

If you did not like the first date, and you wouldn't want to see the other person again, make sure to let them know that. Communicating clearly that you did not like the first date can help you prevent dangerous situations later on. If you are not clear in your approach, your date might get the wrong idea and linger on for several weeks making attempts to get back to you.

Unclear expectations breed dangerous situations such as stalking and being obsessed.

Bring them back to your place and practice safe sex

If you like your first date and want to go the extra mile, make sure to contemplate the idea at least twice in your head. Many people make bad choices at the end of their first dates and then regret their decisions the following day.

If you have decided to go through with your more intimate plan, make sure that you invite your date back to your place rather than going back to theirs. You do not want to follow a person you've just met back to their house in a place that is unknown to you. 

Equally important is to ensure that you use protection if you plan to get involved with your date sexually. Using protection, such as condoms, can protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. 

Ask your date if they have any STDs. You can even ask for a test report if they have got themselves checked recently. Do not skip these steps as they could mean the difference between a satisfying end to a good day and acquiring a deadly disease without a cure.


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