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Can You Date Someone With An STD?

People with STDs have been dating other people for a long time. But how difficult does your dating life get if you have an STD?

Yes, you can still date other people even if you have a sexually transmitted disease. Having an STD does not in any shape or form stop you from looking for a potential life partner or just someone to have fun with if that is what you're seeking. While having an STD does make dating a little more tedious than usual, no law in the United States stops people with STDs from finding a potential love interest.

Although it's perfectly legal to date, even if you have an STD, the whole process requires a little more responsibility and honesty. Here's how to date other people if you have an STD.


Dating is about finding other people, sharing interests, and being honest about many things – i.e. if it's done right. If you have a positive STD status, the whole process requires a little more honesty and courage than, let's say, if you did not have a sexually transmitted disease.

Everyone deserves a pleasurable, healthy, rewarding, and – above all – safe sex life. Talking about potential health problems which may affect your sex partner before having sexual intercourse is essential when it comes to honest dating. 

The number of people with STDs globally is increasing every year. In the United States alone, 1 in 2 people will have contracted at least 1 STD before they turn 25, estimates report. This means that there are already quite a lot of people in the US alone who have had STDs but still manage to have healthy sexual relationships. 

When it comes to dating with a positive STD status, the talking part, where you discuss potential health problems with your partner, becomes slightly more important than usual. The only rule regarding dating with STDs is to be open and honest about your health status because you want your potential partner to make an informed decision.

While people with STDs have been doing the talking part for years now, nothing makes it any easier. In fact, it can be downright daunting to tell your partner that you have a chronic, possibly life-threatening disease which can be transferred to them if you're not careful.

However, it does not mean that talking about your STD status should be this difficult. Here’s how to tell your potential partner that you have an STD before you decide to have sexual intercourse.


The easiest and hardest way to address the elephant in the room is to address the elephant in the room, but with a lot more pragmatism. 

Let your partner know about your STD status face-to-face. Telling them about your positive status in person carries a lot more honesty and might resonate well with your partner. 

The next most crucial part is to give your partner some space. Granted that having an STD does not make you any less of a human, it does make your partner's decision to be with you slightly more difficult because now they have to weigh the health risks much more diligently. Try not to be hasty in your approach and allow your partner to have the space to circle back to you with a response in more than just a single day. 

It is also important to manage your own expectations. Remember: “expecting people to choose to date you if you have an STD is not an unreasonable expectation, expecting them to make the choice no matter what is.”


If your potential partner decides not to date you after knowing your STD status, try not to take it too personally. After all, their decision reflects their concern for their health, which they are absolutely allowed to have no matter the circumstances. 

People will not always want to date you, which can be due to a plethora of reasons and not just your health conditions. Remember that even people with no STDs can't always keep their partners around. That's just how dating works; everyone has the right to make their own choice.


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