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Our goal is to help you with your untreated HIV, Hepatitis C and STDs and get you on a path to better health. Our patients receive the highest quality of care possible.
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If you think you have HIV, HEP C or an STD, call us today to get tested and treated.

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Our Mission 
We provide comprehensive healthcare services to help reduce the spread of HIV, Hepatitis C, STDs, and PrEP disparities in our most vulnerable, marginalized, and underserved communities. With treatment and prevention medications, we can solve these disparities together.

Specialized Treatment and Prevention Services

There are no shortcuts to better health. But with free testing at IMG, customized treatment plans and prevention medications, the journey to wellness doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to go it alone.
Our IMG medical team stays with you.
HIV rapid test
We start with our rapid test where results are available within minutes. Next, we talk about treatment plans or prevention with PrEP.
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Our first step is to conduct a rapid test, called an HCV antibody test. This step will help us determine the right treatment for you.
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We will first test to confirm your condition; then, we will prescribe treatment specific to your needs—all with your privacy as a top priority.
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Our Promise 
We promise to provide the latest in a range of healthcare services, including HIV, Hepatitis C, and STD testing and treatment. Our priority is to serve the middle to the low-income community.

Our experienced medical team is dedicated to the personalized and private care you need with the latest treatment options and medications designed specifically for you. 
Whether online or in-person, your medical privacy is assured. All conversations and treatment are confidential as we provide the highest level of care for your specific needs.
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HIV Assistance


How do we help you lower your risk of HIV infection?  We give you a plan to reduce your risk of getting HIV. It starts with getting you tested at an IMG HIV testing location near you. Your plan will help you choose less risky sexual behaviors.
Now it is time to talk to your IMG healthcare provider about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and more. Let's get started!

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Hepatitis C Assistance


IMG Health Clinics and Mobile Clinics provide Hepatitis C testing, treatment and access to our team of experienced disease intervention specialists. Everyone on our clinical team is qualified to provide quality healthcare services.  

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Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Prevention

We Will Help You Get Protected

Once you get tested for STDs many more options become open to you. You will have the peace of mind only a test can give. Knowing for sure allows you to take advantage of the best medications and treatments that can help you get back in control of your health. 

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Don't Take Our Word For It
Listen To What Our Patients Say…

This companies mission is phenomenal! The healthcare services they provide to the community is needed and wanted.
They are an amazing company I HIGHLY recommend

Frequently Asked Questions

​​​How is Hepatitis C spread?
The virus is spread by contact with contaminated blood, for example, from sharing needles or from unsterile tattoo equipment. Learn More

Will PrEP still protect me from HIV even if I don't take it every day?
PrEP is highly effective as long as you take it every day. Condoms provide additional protection against HIV, as well as most sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unintended pregnancy. Learn More

How can sexually transmitted diseases be prevented?
Quit having sex until you see a doctor as well as being treated. Follow your medical professional's instructions for therapy.  Learn More 
Meet Our Team 

At IMG, your personal care team consists of the Medical Director and Chief Clinical Officer, along with experienced and compassionate medical professionals such as doctors, licensed nurse practitioners, disease interventionists and case managers.

Dr. Patrick Reme, MD 
Infectious Disease Specialist 
Medical Director
Kishma Victor
Chief Clinical Officer

Let's Talk Privately

Visit an IMG walk-in clinic or mobile clinic and speak with one of our healthcare providers who can make real-time diagnoses, create a treatment plan, adjust your current treatment plan, and prescribe medications

Private Consultation: 1-800-773-7066


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